Product details
Price: Plain$310.00/Studded$335.00
Our Yamaha Road Star Low Forward seat sits you about 3/4" lower and a 1/2" closer to the handlebar compare to the OEM seat.
This seat fits Yamaha Road Star 1600 and 1700 models 1999-2012
Seat measurements:
Sitting surface W:17" X L: 11"
Back support W: 17" X H: 6"
Our base plate is made from thermoformed ABS plastic. After forming, we cut the raw base to the finished size, trim the edges, and Install five 1" diameter rubber bumpers to smooth out vibrations. We use stainless steel rivets for the stainless steel rear locator bracket and M6 bolts for the stainless steel front latch bracket to attach them to the seat's baseplate.
Our seat's comfort comes from a long lasting high density MDI moulded foam with a soy based polyol. Processed with the highest quality standards on the market and a carefully designed shape, Our seat will give a better support for the rider and spread their body weight more evenly.
Our seat covers are made from pre-cut panels of marine grade vinyl which are sewn together and then glued and sewn to a 1/4" foam sheet for maximum comfort. Both the vinyl and thread used in our covers are designed for outdoor use and offer outstanding durability against the elements.
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Yamaha Road Star Low/Forward seat - Plain $310.00
Yamaha Road Star Low/Forward seat - Studded $335.00