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Apr 13
  posted by Leticia Valdez  Valdez from Canada on April 13, 2016 18:16

How I Got A Loan From A Reliable Loan Company After Being Scammed.

Am here to share a testimony of what a Good trusted & reliable loan company did for me. My Names is Leticia Valdez from Raymondville Texas, Iím a Mother of a lovely son, i lost my Job a couple of months ago and things where so hard for me and my family, so I went to seek loan assistants online because I couldn't get a loan from my bank and other credit union i visited due to my bad credit, and i fall into the hands of fake loan lenders who are nothing but scam, i was scammed over $5,500.00USdollars, all my assets where taken away from me.I lost all hope and I had to move in with my mom cause I couldn't afford to pay my rentage. on this faithful day I came across an old friend of mine who recently got a loan from KENDRICK INVESTMENTS LIMITED, she introduced me to this honest company and they helped me get a loan in less than 24 hours which was March 2nd 2016 without any Daley, i will forever be grateful to Mr Christopher Kendrick, you can contact them via email: KENDRICKINVESTMENTSLIMITED@OUTLOOK.COM,they did not know am doing this for them, but i just have to do it because a lot of people are out there who are in need off a loan and they have been scammed like me please come to this company and be saved. email: KENDRICKINVESTMENTSLIMITED@OUTLOOK.COM

Leticia Valdez

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